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Sexual Abuse Defense Attorney

Sexual Abuse Criminal Defense

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Sexual Abuse covers many sex crimes and carries heavy sentences when the abuse is done to a child.

Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense ConsultationBeing accused of sexual abuse in the state of Arizona can lead to felony charges if convicted. Sexual abuse is classified as engaging in sexual contact with anyone age 15 or older without their consent or sexual contact only involving the female breast of a child younger than 15. If you are being accused of sexual contact with a child under the age of 15 please see Child Molestation.

Sexual abuse is a call 5 felony unless the abuse involved a child under the age of 15. In that case, it is a class 3 felony and you are at risk of facing child molestation charges depending on the nature of the case. This means that even if you are falsely accused of a sex crime in Phoenix, AZ that you did not commit, you are at an extremely high risk of facing many years in federal prison. After your time in prison, you will lose many rights, like the right to vote, and you will have to register as a sex offender by law. This means you will have to live with limitations and embarrassment the rest of your life.

Sexual Assault Attorney Phoenix, ArizonaThis is why in serious cases such as this, it is supremely important to obtain excellent legal representation and give yourself a chance to present your side of the case. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys handle many dangerous sex crime cases and know exactly how to provide you with the best representation available to you. Our Attorneys are well versed in the defense of sexual abuse charges and will ensure you are given the best chance for a favorable outcome in the courtroom.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assult covers many sex crimes including rape.

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Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense ConsultationSexual Assault is defined by the state of Arizona as performing sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with any person when the sexual acts are not consensual. Sexual Assault involving minors and children may be considered Child Molestation or Sexual Abuse. Sexual assault is considered a dangerous crime and is a class 2 felony.

Being charged with Sexual Assault is a serious offense and could mean spending most of your life in prison if convicted. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys understand that many people are wrongfully sentenced of sexual assault, but innocent or not the risks you face are the same. Without proper legal counsel in a case like this, you are likely bound for federal prison. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys know how to present your case in a way that will ensure your side is heard and understood by the court.

Being charged with Sexual Assault usually involves other related sex crimes or dangerous crimes. You need an attorney who knows how to navigate these types of cases. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys specialize in representing persons accused of dangerous sex crimes. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney’s experience in the courtroom and thorough understanding of the law are what you need to get the most favorable outcome during your trial.  Our Attorneys have built their reputation on challenging cases and will work to give you the best representation possible.

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Indecent Exposure

Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix

Indecent Exposure

Exposing your genitalia can get you on a sex offender list.

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Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense ConsultationArizona law defines Indecent Exposure as displaying one’s genitals, anus, or nipples to an unwilling person or people. The display of nipples is only considered Indecent Exposure when done by a female. Indecent Exposure does not apply to some who is breastfeeding their baby.

Although Indecent Exposure is a class one misdemeanor, if the person who witnessed the act is under 15 it is considered a class 6 felony. Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you are likely to be classified as a sex offender and made to register as one. On top of jail or prison time, being a registered sex offender limits your options in everyday life and follows you as a constant embarrassment. Now that you understand the seriousness for Indecent Exposure, you can see why proper representation is so important right now.

Phoenix Sex Crime Attorneys have a long history of representing defendants in sex crime cases. Our Attorneys will navigate the complexities and nuances of the law with ease to get you the most favorable outcome possible for your case.  Your reputation is too important to leave this to anyone else. Set up a free consultation today!

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Child Molestation

Phoenix sex crimes lawyer

Child Molestation is a serious offense in the state of Arizona and is a Dangerous Crime Against Children

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Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense ConsultationSex crimes are not taken lightly in the state of Arizona. When those crimes involve children, they will throw everything they have at you. In the state of Arizona, Child Molestation is a class 2 felony. This is considered a dangerous crime which means a conviction could mean a lot of jail time, especially with prior felonies. Child molestation is categorized as sexual contact with a child under 15 years of age. This also includes forcing another person to sexually contact a child.

Accusations of child molestation are very serious and you need to have experienced counsel on your side. Facing these charges on your own is sure to be disastrous. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys are very experienced in representing individuals accused of child molestation. Being accused of molesting a child is a very nerve-wracking situation.

Our Attorney’s experience in sex crimes keeps them level-headed when defending your side of the facts. Calm and collected representation can be hard to find with such high profile cases like this, that is why people accused of child molestation Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys.

child Molestation defense

Arizona Child Molestation Penalties

Sexual assault with victim 15 or older:  intentionally/knowingly touching, fondling or controlling genitals, rectum or breast without consent.

Sexual Assault with Victim 15 Or older penalties: prison term of 5 months to 2.5 years. Probation is qualified as much as a life time term. Registration as a sex transgressor is necessary if victim is under 18 but is not compulsory if victim is over 18.

Sexual assault with victim under 15: intentionally/knowingly touching, fondling breast.

Sexual assault with victim under 15 Penalty: mandatory prison term of 2.5 years to 7.5 years. Probation is qualified as much as a lifetime term. Registration as a sex transgressor is compulsory for this offense.

Child Molestation is: engaging in or causing a person to take part in sexual contact. Sexual contact is touching, fondling, or manipulating genitals or anus. Excludes sexual contact of the female breast.

Child Molestation Penalties: prison term of 10 to 24 years. Probation is NOT eligible for this offense. Registration as a sex transgressor IS obligatory..

If you are being accused of child molestation get help immediately we can get an expert connected to you!

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