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AZ Sex Crimes Laws

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Arizona Sex Crime Laws

The state of Arizona does not take sex crimes lightly, especially when committed against children and minors. Many sex crime charges come with felonies that will follow you for a very ling time, if not your whole life. Even for non-felony offenses, you can end up on a sex offender list. You need the best representation possible. Call a Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney today to learn more about the specifics of the laws regarding your case.

There is a large range of sex crimes and many of them come with the threat of a felony, such as Sexual Assult or Molestation. Crimes against children fall into a special classification of  sex crime. These are called Dangerous sex Crimes Against Children and a new legislation was recently passed that comes with harsher punishments. It is important to speak with a skilled Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney so you can better understand what you are up against.