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The punishments for prostitution are very structured and get more severe depending on prior charges.

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Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense ConsultationIf you have been arrested for Prostitution, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney. If you decide not to you could face jail time that can easily be avoided with proper representation. Many mistakes are made during arrests for Prostitution. Something as simple as a warrant that was not specific enough, or many other possible violations of rights.

Prostitution can have a range of punishments depending on how many priors you have for the same crime, but the more times you are arrested for Prostitution, the more severe the consequences.  Even on the first arrest, you risk jail time, and that comes with probation and fines. Prostitution has a mandatory minimum sentence, although some local municipalities offer a diversion program. If you do not pass the program you will still end up in jail. If you pass you might avoid jail time, or spend less time in jail, but it will still be on your record.

Our Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys understand the law and how police officers should adhere to it. With Phoenix, Sex Crimes Attorneys working on your case, no mistake made by police officers when arresting you or obtaining warrants will be missed. If there are no mistakes to be found, then you are left with the best representation in Phoenix and all of Arizona on your side.