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Child Pornography

Child Pornography (Sexual Exploitation of a Minor)

If you are being accused of Possession of child pornography you are looking at up to a life setenece in Arizona. This is a serious situation, call  us now and we will get yo in touch with our attorney that specializes in Sexual exploitation of a minor: Call (480) 939.4842

Child Pornography also known as Sexual Exploitation of a Minor is defined by the state of Arizona as knowingly filming, Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense Consultationsharing, selling, purchasing, transporting, or viewing any visual representation of a minor taking part in sexual conduct.  Any involvement in Child Pornography is a class 2 felony, and if the depictions include children under the age of 14, it is a dangerous crime against children. Dangerous crimes against children are taken very seriously by the State of Arizona and sentencing for these offenses are extremely harsh under Arizona Law.

Due to the vast scope of Sexual Exploitation of Minor laws, you can easily find yourself under investigation for something as simple as receiving an unsolicited email. Regardless of the reasons you are being investigated, Arizona prosecutes Child Pornography cases very aggressively. Cases such as this usually get a lot of media attention. It is important to have a skilled and experienced attorney in your corner during this time. Our Attorneys will not only provide the best defense during your trial, but she will also do her best to preserve your precious reputation. Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys have dealt with their cases being in the spotlight many times, and their firm is extremely skilled at dealing with the consequences of media attention.

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When being investigated for Child Pornography or Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in Phoenix, AZ, there is no better choice than our professional Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorneys. The results of this trial will determine how you will spend the rest of your life. You can’t afford anything less than the best representation available. That is why people accused of involvement with Child Pornography choose to work with us!