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Indecent Exposure

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Arizona law defines Indecent Exposure as displaying one’s genitals, anus, or nipples to an unwilling person or people. The display of nipples is only considered Indecent Exposure when done by a female. Indecent Exposure does not apply to some who is breastfeeding their baby.

Although Indecent Exposure is a class one misdemeanor, if the person who witnessed the act is under 15 it is considered a class 6 felony. Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you are likely to be classified as a sex offender and made to register as one. On top of jail or prison time, being a registered sex offender limits your options in everyday life and follows you as a constant embarrassment. Now that you understand the seriousness for Indecent Exposure, you can see why proper representation is so important right now.

Phoenix Sex Crime Attorneys have a long history of representing defendants in sex crime cases. Our Attorneys will navigate the complexities and nuances of the law with ease to get you the most favorable outcome possible for your case.  Your reputation is too important to leave this to anyone else. Set up a free consultation today!